2013 6th Place Midnight Run

Always a fun race but I have to admit that I enjoyed last years format/trail more:) I knew going into the racing season that my team had lost their speed and attitude when we started doing lots of trips beginning of Jan. and never ran the same after. It was very discouraging which is why we have decided to no longer do trips as it messes up my race dogs too much. The team was flat on the first leg and also it started snowing heavily, so thick that at times I could barely see my team! (Also the last several years I have noticed my long-distance vision being more blurry at dusk/dark and have a bit of glare due to the laser surgery so that has been a bit frustrating to strain to see directional signs ect at night. I will be getting my eyes checked this summer!!) It was a long slow run into Chatham. The team ate and rested pretty well at Chatham though one male was just screaming to get at the females in heat on my team. My mom spent an hour and a half trying to calm him down! The dogs were more fired up on the second leg and we went from 12th place to 6th place passing six teams ahead of me and were gaining slowly on the 5th place team near the end. Two dogs started limping pretty badly roughly halfway through so I had to slow way down and baby them into the finish. There was about 6 inches of fresh snow on the trail so that slowed things down some but it sure was beautiful! Sure enjoyed seeing everyone and look forward to coming back to this race again in the near future:)
... Talon-2006 (M) (L)
Talon was too distracted by the females in heat on the team and I had to move him out of lead. He is an extreme ladies man like his father. He is always a powerhouse and at one turn that my female leaders missed he pulled them over the right way:) A tough dog that always gets stronger and better the farther he goes!
... Haley-2006 (F) (L)
Haley ran lead the whole race and did super!!! She is a hard driving little dynamo and toughed it out on the second half of the 2nd leg with a very sore wrist. I just love this little dog!!!!
... Hawk-2009 (M) (L)
Hawk ran a super race as always!!! Always a fast, driving boy!!!
... Swift-2009 (M)
Swift is always a hard driving dog, one of my best, was hot after the girls in heat too:) Screamed to get at them at the checkpoint. Did awesome the whole race!! Just an amazing dog!
... Lark-2009 (F)
Lark was coming out of heat and Talon was in love, trying to get her every chance he could... ugh! She is a big flirt too which doesn't help. Lark is always fast, hardworking and tireless, leaping to go after we finish like always:) Acts like she never ran... Incredible dog!
... Vader-2010 (M) (L)
Vader did awesome as always, super hard working, hard driving dog!!! One of my best!!!
... Layla-2008 (F) (L)
Layla ran lead with Haley pretty much the whole race and did great! She is a tireless dog that just goes and goes and acts like she never ran. What a super little leader!!!
... Venture-2011 (M) (L)
Venture did super and was always wanting to push the speed up. Unfortunately he got a sore shoulder on the second leg and I had to baby him into the finish.