2011 13th Place Beargrease 8-Dog

Had a super fun run this year with nice weather and the best trails I have run all year! Came to the race with a team that had a few minor injuries due to poor trail conditions this winter. Also had to leave out a super young dog I had been counting on running due to an injury. That forced me to use an older dog that wasn't necessarily an asset to the team as I had no one else who had enough conditioning. But I was going to go and have fun anyway! Its always great to see friends and make new ones!!! Mushers are a great group of people! I was extra careful to keep my mouth covered so as not to have a repeat of what happened last year! Thankfully my back was also in great shape this year, wonderful to feel strong and agile:) Sparrow and Talon led every step of the race for me and did an awesome job! I am so proud of them! Talon especially is a locomotive! Dogs ran well on the first leg, ate/drank great except for one dog that was slightly dehydrated. All the dogs looked good at the mandatory vet check and the vets ok'd the slightly dehydrated dog to continue. Dogs were screaming and lunging to go after watering so after waiting 30 min. off we tore into the night for the most fun and fast run I have ever had at Beargrease! What a blast to rocket up all the hills effortlessly! We were in about 12th place after the 1st leg and moved up to tied for 8th at Finland. Unfortunately from there we took a downward slide as I dropped the dog that was dehydrated but should have dropped another as well... left with 7 but was struggling right away with some injuries and another dehydrated dog that I ended up loading farther in. I was down to about 3 dogs pulling with a dog loaded. It was a long, slow run into Tofte with what felt like everyone including the kitchen sink passing me:) We finished in 13th place, my bib number was 113 and our hotel room number was 13! Next year I hope to get a single digit bib number! Overall it was a great race and I had a blast even though things didn't go exactly as I hoped! Thanks so much to my mom and cousins for handling for me! If there was an award for best cousins ya'll would win it for helping me 3 years in a row! Thanks to my dad for all his help with training!! And thank you to my sponsor, Bear Island Land Company of Ely, MN!!! Congrats to the winners and finishers, both the two legged and four legged!!!
... Talon-2006 (M) (L)
Talon was just a locomotive the whole race!!! He rested the least of any of the dogs and yet was one of the strongest finishers! I don't think he laid down barely at all in Two Harbors but was screaming to go and rocketed the team up all those hills!! What a powerhouse! MVP of the race again!!!!
... Sparrow-2004 (F) (L)
Sparrow did absolutely awesome! Ran the whole race in lead along with her son Talon, drove super hard, incredible on commands, always jumping to go - just tireless!!! She is my girl, just an amazing dog!!!
... Haley-2006 (F) (L)
Haley ran point the whole race and is just a little dynamo! Great little dog, just wish she was bigger!
... Layla-2008 (F) (L)
Tireless girl that just goes and goes. Layla has been running a super lead lately so will be using her up front more!