2010 8th Place Rugby Winterfest 6-Dog 16 Miles

Again had a super time at this race, both visiting with friends and running the trail! It has to be one of the funnest trails around! Very beautiful scenery with a variety of terrain, woods, fields, river, lake, swamp... it has it all! Narrow and winding, it has some sudden drops and quick turns that keep you on your toes:) The dogs just loved it! It was VERY warm, pushing 40 F and if I was roasting with light clothing the dogs must have been just miserable! Most my team has fairly thick coats so they were scooping a lot of snow from the get go. The whole team performed very well and the younger dogs did super, passed very professionally and quickly and responded very well to all my commands. There were a lot of really good sprint teams there for a total of 26 teams, with several teams from Manitoba taking 2nd and 5th that weren't there last year otherwise I probably would have been 6th again:) First place time was 57:40 and my time was 1:05:25 with only being 11 seconds from 7th place. Thanks to the race organizers for another great race and the trail crew for all their hard work on the trail, they did a super job!
... Talon-2006 (M) (L)
Talon ran lead with Radar and did awesome! He was driving the the whole way, responded to commands instantly and passed very well! I was so proud of him! He did pull the team off the trail into deeper snow to get around one team blocking the trail where it was narrow but he gets the job done:) His ears were up and he was curious and looking at everything... big hay bales in the fields, big vehicles in a junkyard of sorts... but he followed Radar's confident lead and kept on cruising. Very powe…
... Stryder-2002 (M)
Stryder did a great job running point but not as stellar as last year... he was the oldest dog in my team going on 8 yrs of age. Hard to see this superstar get old! He was as always steady and reliable and showed the young dogs how its done!