2010 4th Place Wolftrack Classic 6-Dog, 30 Miles

With a lot of the snow cover melting just before race day this years race was more of a mud run but still fun! It felt like a third of the trail was bare ground... mud, rocks, grass, pavement, gravel... my poor sled was taking a beating bouncing over all the rocks... chunks of mud would hit my sunglasses... I was spitting out sand at one point though I tried to keep my mouth closed:) Coming up the hill behind the hospital after crossing hwy. 169 there was a big patch of glare ice at the "T" intersection where we were to take a right... there was a lady there trying to warn mushers but I wiped out anyway, went sliding across the ice, hit the bank and popped back upright all in a matter of seconds without the dogs slowing at all. I probably couldn't do that if I tried but it all worked out somehow:) I guess she saw some other mushers have quite a bit of trouble there, tangles, almost losing teams... It was a very warm day and I knew most of my team were thicker coated and not likely to handle the heat as well as some of the shorter coated hound crosses. Several of my younger, thicker coated dogs were biting snow a lot and it was very disruptive at times... both of them threw up later on in the race. I just let the team run at its own pace as I didn't want to push them at all in the heat. It seemed like a slower run to me so I wasn't sure how we were doing but did end up passing 3 of the 5 teams ahead of me and was only passed by one. Got a wet foot going through a foot of water.... my sled and I were equally mud splattered:) On one of the steepest/longest hills I did experience trouble breathing in air a little like I had in Beargrease... only it was warm out so I didn't know why that would happen again. In talking to a bicyclist she said that she has had that happen to her when over-exerting herself. I have never had that happen to me before Beargrease and felt great and had no trouble running up any of the hills. Near the end of the race was a stretch of bare gravel road we had to run on for a short ways before turning back onto the snowmobile trail. I ran the whole way, trying to keep up to the dogs and some spectators there were cheering and clapping and one person called, "Nice running!" I thought that was pretty funny:) All in all it was a very interesting run that most of us who ran it won't soon forget:) We placed 4th again out of 34 teams averaging 12.3 mph with a time of 2:26:33
... Talon-2006 (M) (L)
Again the MVP of the team! He is a rock star! Just driving the whole way, even was trying to pull Sparrow along faster when she wanted to settle into a trot. Passed teams and crowds like a pro, just did phenomenal! Handled the heat no problem, even with his black coat. Always a great eater/drinker as well, just sucks it down! He is a crack gee/haw leader with tireless energy and incredible power and speed, looking forward to many more years racing this guy!
... Sparrow-2004 (F) (L)
Sparrow rocked in lead with her son, Talon, always a reliable leader that just goes and goes.
... Stryder-2002 (M)
Stryder did great as usual and was always driving. He handled the heat no problem. Great having this old pro as a steadying influence to the young dogs. This was probably his last race as he is going on 8 yrs. but watch out for his sons and daughters in the team next year!!