2009 4th Place Wolftrack Classic 6-Dog, 30 Miles

**Photo purchased from Finn Bay Photography, taken just before the Bearhead State Park road crossing, roughly 2/3rds of the way into the race** This is a super fun race!! Nice cold temps too. My team was cranked and were really moving! We passed everything in sight, including two 8 dog teams still inbound to Tower, except for 2 teams that started first and third. Had a few mishaps that slowed us a bit and lost 3rd place by only 29 seconds but oh well... what can you do:) Still, 4th place out of 34 teams is great! It was a Canadian sweep with the top five teams being from Ontario:) My team didn't want to stop at the finish and easily could have kept on going. They were even more wild and hyper after the race then before! Thanks to all who put this great race on and all the volunteers! Congrats to all the winners and finishers! So fun to race in my old hometown and wonderful to see all my friends! Thanks so much for your support! Thanks to my mom and friend, Leslyn, (who was just getting over strep throat) for handling for me!! Ya'll did great, even if you barely made it to Tower in time to grab the dogs as we came in! Guess we ran the trail faster then anticipated:) Our trail time was 2:18:38 with the winning time being 2:12:04. We averaged 13.4 mph. Thanks most of all to my wonderful team, they were all SUPERSTARS!!
... Talon-2006 (M) (L)
Talon did phenomenal as usual! He is so powerful and fast, just an incredible dog!! He can really move for being such a big dog! Never let up, just loped and loped, super athlete! Was still raring to go at the end! I could barely get them stopped for the bag check! After the race he was even more crazy wild then ever, and dragged me all over the place! He is so strong he can be hard to handle. I was happy to finally have him back in the dog yard so he could run off some steam on his chain and s…
... Sparrow-2004 (F) (L)
Sparrow did her thing and just goes! While Radar is the main pacesetter, Sparrow rocks along with him! Super dog, tireless, great on commands, just an awesome girl!
... Xander-2003 (M)
Xander has really come through for me and learned to run fast for such a big dog! He prefers to trot but this year he loped and loped! Always a super hard worker, he provides a turbo boost in the hills, what a powerful dog, like all of Diesel's boys! Another superstar!
... Phantom-2002 (M)
He ran a flawless race as well, although he seems to tire a bit quicker being a bit heavier boned then his brother, they both are incredible superstars!! Just lopes and lopes, always on that tug, strong point dog! I can't say enough about those boys! Their only fault is that they don't care to lead, boy I wish they were younger or could clone them or something:) Outstanding performers!
... Stryder-2002 (M)
Stryder turned in another flawless performance, he is always ON! What an outstanding dog, just drives and drives, never gets tired, wish I had a whole team like him! Smooth, fast, always has a tight tug, just an amazing animal!!!