2008 7th Place Wolftrack Classic 6-Dog 30 Miles

What a fun, beautiful and interesting trail! Very nice to have a race in my hometown too! I did run the course the previous week when it was colder and with an 8-dog team. The team was flying and did it in about 2 hours! Hills I didn't notice hardly at all on that run I sure noticed in the race with 6 dogs and warm temps!Dogs did ok, some struggled with a bit of diarrhea and it was quite warm out which affected all the teams some. Thank goodness the forcasted rain held off til the race was over! One problem I knew that would majorly affect my race was the fact that one of my leaders balks at head-on passing. I figured he couldn't get any worse and at least it would be a good training run:) We had maybe 6 to 8 good head on passes out of 26 and the rest he balked at. I got real good at lining the team out quickly but we still lost a lot of time with all the stops and minor tangles. My goal had been to place in the top 3 which we probably would have been able to do but oh well... that's dog racing! The dogs didn't even look that tired at the end except for Phantom who had had the worst diarrhea.
... Sparrow-2004 (F) (L)
Sparrow did awesome, great invisible dog, very heat tolerant - tireless.
... Xander-2003 (M)
Xander was my powerhouse as usual! A major asset in all those hills! He is a good leader as well, just not as fast as his brother since he prefers to trot. His only downside is the heat really zaps him... he did pretty well though.
... Phantom-2002 (M)
Always gives everything he's got, amazing dog!
... Stryder-2002 (M)
As always, hard driving, fast dog, never gets tired. Great dog!