2008 4th Place White Oak Classic 6-Dog Pro 60 Mile

The dogs did just a super job in this race after coming off of over two weeks of doing trips!! (We had such large groups of people we were taking almost the whole dog yard everyday!) Thankfully they got a little time off to rest before the race. The team maintained a steady pace to Squaw Lake where we were the second fastest to that point(38 miles), after that they slowed down so we lost a couple places, but then picked it back up when it started getting dark. They were loping as they crossed the finish line. All had good appetite's, I was really happy at how great they looked and how quickly they recovered. The trail was pretty chewed up by heavy snowmobile traffic, and in places was more dirt then snow. It was a fun race though and I hope to come back and race in the 10 dog next year! **Photo taken after Squaw Lake by Hwy. 13**
... Sparrow-2004 (F) (L)
Ran wheel until after Squaw Lake where I had to pull Tess as she was getting tired and slowing way down. As soon as I put Sparrow up in lead it was like a turbo boost, the pace picked up immediately! She drove hard the whole race, incredible athlete!
... Xander-2003 (M)
Xander ran wheel the whole race, boy what a powerhouse this guy is! Strong as an ox and pulled steady, one of my hardest working dogs, turning into a great leader as well! Though not built for speed, he is all heart and man is he serious about his job! The intensity in his face in the photos, you can see how focused he is. Gives his all! Tough like his father Diesel, and a huge asset in the hills! Great dog, major asset to the team!
... Phantom-2002 (M)
Phantom did awesome as usual, he loped much of the race, just an amazing dog! Ran point with his brother Stryder, both know commands and sometimes have even pulled the leaders the correct way but don't seem to care to lead. I can't imagine racing without him!
... Stryder-2002 (M)
This dog just does not ever get tired! Maintained a steady pace the whole race, Stryder is one smooth running fast dog! He always runs point with his brother Phantom, both know commands but haven't wanted to lead. Stryder has never been injured, and never been tired, he is as wiggly and hard to unharness at the end of the race as he was at the beginning. Amazing animal! Can't imagine racing without him!