Vincenzo - 2014(L)
- Clifford/Seekins
The "other" brother. What he lacks in brains, he makes up for in power and drive. An enormous goof, who lives for long hugs and zoomies. We like to rag …
Buddy - 2009(L)
- Clifford
Forrest - 2008
Lena Boysen Hillestad
Froken Norge - 2005(L)
Ase Irene Furuheim
Maggie - 2003(L)
Sara Vanderwood
Martha - 2009
Claire Seekins
Sultan - 1999(L)
Reynolds/ Hoe-Raitto
Labben - 1990(L)
Andres Haugen
Pin - 1994
Terri Killam
Kristi - 2004
Ivana Nolke
Mike - 1994(L)
Egil Ellis
Kriya - 1999(L)
Reynolds/ Hoe-Raitto