Tripod Days 2009

UserJacques PhilipTime2009-03-10 09:05:00

Like every year, the first week-end of March, the Nenana Ice Classic celebrated Tripod Days.

Nenana Ice Classic

Among a lot of other events, they have a dog race of 2 times 40 miles.
This year we got over 2 feet of snow and a lot of wind plus some overflow in week before the race, making it a challenge for the organizers to open trail which is for the most part in open swamps and rivers.

Jacques team on the river
Start on Sunday on the Tanana river

On top of having very tough snow conditions, it was also by far the longest run of the season for us since I had been mostly training for sprint this year. I was only able to run 32 and 20 miles after the Rondy and I had to leave some of my best dogs home because they had a harder time to cope with the lack of training than the dogs that are normally not so good.

The first day was very slow, but the second day was nicer with a cut of one hour and 10 mn in the race time for the same trail.

Thanks a lot to Steve and his crew who blasted a trail for us through the blizzard and over flow.

More pictures of the race here.

Jacques team on the river

Here are the results:

Place   Name    Day 1 Time  Day 2 Time  Total Time   

1   Jacques Philip    4:30:14   03:22.38    7:52:52   

2   Beth Manning      4:59:43   3:39:58     8:39:41   

3   Gerald Riley      5:27:46   3:29:31     8:57:17   

4   Abbie West        5:10:48   3:48:12     8:59:00   

5   Janet Smith       5:09:39   4:06:27     9:16:06   

6   Carol Blevins     4:23:19   4:54:22     9:17:41   

7   Benedict Beisch   5:29:04   4:27:05     9:56:09   

8   Mark Mey          5:32:30   4:23:54     9:56:24   

9   Allan Miller      5:59:06   4:50:14     10:49:20   

10  Harry Carroll Jr. 6:33:10   4:25:41     10:58:51