Kate and Warren Palfrey training at home

UserJacques PhilipTime2009-02-06 08:40:16

A few days ago, our friends Kate and Warren Palfrey came home from Yellowknife to get ready for the Quest and later the Iditarod.

After a bit of trouble with their truck, they made it home a 3 days ago.

The first day, Warren went with Magali open our trail to the Tanana river so that there is limit to how far he can run his dogs.
As a matter of fact, from our kennel, you can drive a dog team all the way to Nome without crossing a road, except of course the streets of remote villages like Nicholai, Mac Grath, Unanlakleet.

The second day, they went on a 50 miles run to Nenana and back.

Here are a few pictures of them leaving the kennel.

Warren leaving

Warren leaving

Kate leaving