Fur Rondy 2009

UserJacques PhilipTime2009-03-03 09:17:00

We came back from Anchorage yesterday and it was quite an interesting Rondy.

alt text

Jacques and Mat at the start of Rony 2009 day 3. Edfu and Onyx in lead.

Buddy Streeper won the race by 9 seconds in front of Bill Cornmuller. Complete results are here.

The trail was very nice, slower the second day with 5 inches of new snow, temperatures in the 20s.

My race did not go that good, but I feel lucky it was not worst.

On Saturday when we were loose dropping the dogs at the race track in Anchorage, 4 of my dogs took off on Tudor Road in heavy traffic, 3 came back pretty quick, but I had to chase one with a police car to get her back. Luckily, no one was hurt.

During the race on Sunday, my main leader Google quit 3 miles from the end, betting me to a very slow finish, which is not like her at all.
So I dropped her on Sunday, just to realize she had a very badly infected gingivitis due to bad tarter on her teeth. She is fine and eating again now.

To make it more fun, one of my other leaders Loly completely pulled a tow nail in the dog box who knows how.

During the race, we got 2 more feet of snow at home, no more trail, a frozen P Trap on the shower... lots of fun.

Many thanks to Mat, Travis, John, Kristen, Molly and Magali for their help at the start, to John and Mary Wood for their hospitality in Anchorage and to Warren and Kate Palfrey for feeding our dogs during the week-end.


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  • CommentUserStephen WightwickTime1 day later

    Wow? a few days without adventure then? and still managed 14th :o) at least your home now? hope you enjoyed the race overall!

    All the best and take care