Glitter (F)
  • Gumbo-2005 (L) M. Seavey
  • Guiness-2003 (L) M. Seavey
  • D. Seavey
  • Generations
    Pedigree 3 4 5
    Picture Pedigree 3 4 5
  • Glitter, was on Dallas's finishing team in 2014, winning and breaking the record. She weighs 40 pounds and is full of energy. Many of her brothers are core dogs on the A-team, including the big, grey dog Hero who lead Dallas across the finish line this year. She made the team this year (2015) and was dropped due to a minor sore wrist. Her parents are Guiness (2012 Iditarod Champ and Golden Harness lead dog) and Mitch Seavey's Gumbo (2013 Iditarod champ and a key lead dog and stud dog for Mitch). Both are line bred Seavey bloodlines. 


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