... Euro-2013 (M)
Our kennel MVP. In his 6 years of Pedigree Stage Stop, CopperDog 150, The Pas, Fur Rondy and other various races he’s only been off 3 days. He has run in point every day except for 1 stage of stage stop in our entire race season the past 5 years. Phenomenal dog who’s never been injured and has the smoothest gait that allows for his insane speed and tireless energy. Has fathered many leaders in other kennels and 7 out of 8 of his offspring with us are some of the most confident leaders we’…
... Anderson-2015 (M) (L)
Main leader who has the most drive we’ve ever seen from a dog. He wants nothing more than to chase down teams. Perfect feet, never missed a meal, very fast. Main leader on the main team since he was 2. When he’s in lead our team gains at least a mph sustained speed.
... Leif-2016 (M) (L)
Main leader, started lading confidently as a young yearling and led in Copperdog as a yearling. Has led in The Pas mass start, Pedigree Stage Stop, TCSDR, and all 3 days of The Rondy 2020. Great appetite, good feet, ALWAYS happy, never tires. Big pleaser and will run through walls for people he trusts. Gets along with every dog in the kennel, You couldn’t ask for a better behaved dog.
... Grover-2013 (M)
Been on the main team from 2 - 5 years old, still trains with them. Great feet, great appetite, great coat, very driven and VERY powerful. Gets along with everyone and has a great temperament. Has his fathers drive and forward focus, and constantly loping and trying to accelerate the team.
... George-2014 (M) (L)
Bought from Jerry Bath. Main leader for Pedigree Stage Stop 2018-2020, The Pas 2018, 2020. Led all three days of 2020 Fur Rondy. Smart, driven, and endless energy. always a cheerleader for the team, never seen him tired. Very husky-husky dog with great coat and great feet.