New Additions To The Kennel 2010

We had some holes we needed to fill and couldn't do it from within the kennel since we skipped a year of having pups. We are very excited about these youngsters that have tons of potential!! We are very grateful to Terry and Buddy Streeper for working with us to find the right dogs that would have the best potential for fitting into to our team and being potential stage dogs. Watch for these guys in 2011!! We are absolutely thrilled to have received the opportunity at these three awesome bitches out of Bill Kornmuller's kennel. All three are multiple day Rondy finishers with proven successful lines. We are still pinching ourselves that we got this chance. A huge thank you to Bill for working with us and offering his advice. Look for some of these gals on the 2011 team and their offspring in the future.
... Ashley-2003 (F)
In Bill's words , "This is one of the best dogs I've ever owned. Try to find a Rondy she hasn't run all 3 days." A proven thrower of high performing dogs.
... Della-2003 (F) (L)
One of Bill Kornmuller's main leader for years. 3 day Rondy dog that has led Bill to a 2nd place finish.
... Stella-2007 (F)
Stella comes from proven lines of 3-day Rondy Dogs and is herself a proven 3-day Rondy Dog off of Bill's top team.