New Additions To The Kennel 2007

Discovered after the 2007 season that the core group of dogs on our main team was ready to step up a level and we needed to find some higher caliber additions to the team that could help take us there. We got the fortunate opportunity to buy some dogs off of Doug Swingley's 2007 Iditarod team that were versatile enough to compete in stage racing at top levels. Thanks Doug & Melanie!! In addition, we were able to get the opportunity to get our hands on some young dogs from proven Gilbertson bloodlines that we hope will be a key to our future. Thanks Lloyd & Mary! 7/27/07 updated pedigree Shiner
... Billy-2003 (M) (L)
Ran on Doug Swingley's 2007, 2006 Iditarod teams. Ran on Melanie Swingley's 2006 Stage Race team, 2005 Attaboy team, 2005 Iditarod team.
... T.J.-2003 (F) (L)
Ran on Doug Swingley's 2007 Iditarod team, 2006 Stage Race team and Melanie Swingley's 2005 Iditarod team. She is a Stormy replica as the Swingley's put it.
... Maximus-2003 (M) (L)
This guy has run on Melanie Swingley's 2006, 2007 Stage Race team, Katie Davis' 2006 Iditarod team and Doug Swingley's 2007 Iditarod team.
... Ivan-2004 (M) (L)
A Swingley dog that ran on Katie Davis' 2006 Stage Race and Iditarod teams. Ran on Doug Swingley's 2007 Iditarod team.
... Shiner-2005 (M) (L)
Shiner is from proven Gilbertson bloodlines. He is high energy and has proven himself at the distance. He has never been raced, but is eager to prove himself. Thanks Lloyd and Mary for the opportunity to bring this guy to his potential!