Jack Pine 2010 5th Place Team

2010 - Our handler, Jeff Chando, ran his first race ever and finished in 5th place!
... Toppi-2005 (M)
Toppi brought his power and experience to this team and showed what he was made of powering them through this 30 miler.
... Vail-2006 (F) (L)
Vail was the veteran race leader on this race even though it was her first season racing. She did an awesome job and ran brilliantly.
... Lahti-2007 (F) (L)
Lahti led in her first race ever and performed brilliantly. Passed flawlessly and handled all the other challenging obstacles on this course.
... Tallin-2007 (M) (L)
Tallin was a powerhouse and handled his first race with excitement and tons of energy.
... Vaanta-2007 (F)
This was Vaanta's first race and she handled it with ease, just like her personality...easy going and fast.
... Bondi-2008 (M)
Bondi ran his first race and did a great job adding some strength to the team.