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Selling to make room for pups and new additions, some great dogs that could help a mid-distance team, and/or longer sprints. Great bloodlines and well socialized. Contact for more info and prices; or by facebook message.

Blaze-2016Perm M

Very Energetic dog with endurance and drive. This year Was on 2020 1st place apostle island 8 dog team. Team dog. High energy boy who runs best with females or with his brother Ember.

Smoke-2010Perm Penny-2009Perm Bruce and Monica Magnusson Pedigree
Owen-2015Perm M

Happy happy team dog, can run anywhere in team including lead but not without experienced leader. Very powerful dog that would make a great addition to any team but especially a 4-6 dog team as he pulls enough for 2 dogs. Great appetite and a joy to be around. Has been on the main Stage Stop team 2 years in a row, ran on the 12th place 2020 Fur Rondevous 2 days. Very fast.

Walter-2007Perm Abby-2011Perm Buddy/Terry Streeper Pedigree
Raven-2016Perm M

Large very powerful male who just wants to run and work hard. Great mid-distance dog who is most comfortable at speeds 15mph and slower. Runs well in lead and is very driven. He can be sensitive to some males and enjoys running with a laid-back partner rather than extremely high energy on line. Beautifully smooth gait, great appetite, very friendly, great feet. Was on 2020 Apostle Island 8 dog 1st place, copperdog25 3rd place, jack pine 30 5th place.

Aslan-2013Perm Cassidy-2014Perm Bruce and Monica Magnusson Pedigree
Shifty-2016Perm M

Nice easy going male best suited for rec team, long lanky boy who can run at any speed but just wants to have fun.

Durango-2014Perm Pence-2013Perm Bruce and Monica Magnusson Pedigree
Stoke-2016Perm M

High energy neutered male with great leader potential, probably best suited for a kennel doing 15 Miles or less. Very fast and driven.

Smoke-2010Perm Penny-2009Perm Bruce and Monica Magnusson Pedigree

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