Group 2015 TCSDR 7th Place Team - 8 dog

CHEYENNE-2006 (L)Perm F   RICKY-2000Perm WITCH-2000Perm Bruce and Monica Magnusson Pedigree
Citrus-2013Perm F   Jaque-2004Perm Bergen-2007Perm Kelly Jo Engle Pedigree
Lumpy-2013Perm M   UTAH-2006Perm Penny-2009Perm - Gilbertson/Magnusson Pedigree
Neffie-2012Perm F   UTAH-2006Perm Della-2003Perm Bruce and Monica Magnusson Pedigree
Penny-2009 (L)Perm F   TurtlePerm Fireball-2000Perm Lloyd Gilbertson Pedigree
Sparrow-2007 (L)Perm M   Marmelade-2001Perm PORCHA-2002Perm Sam Perrino Pedigree
Typhoon-2010 (L)Perm M   UTAH-2006Perm Stina-2007Perm Lloyd Gilbertson Pedigree

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