2012 Wyoming Ipsssdr Team (B)

For the first time ever we brought a 2nd team to the IPSSDR with the intent of grooming some young dogs for the future. This team will be driven by Al Borak and handled by Al-Jo Thiart who both worked tirelessly all season helping us train a ton of dogs! Dogs were struck with the bug mid-way through the race and couldn't perform like they should have.
... Lahti-2007 (F) (L)
Leader and another veteran that provided experience to the team. She performed excellent and really worked hard.
... Vaanta-2007 (F)
Vaanta brought experience to this young team and stepped it up when needed. She really turned it on for the race.
... Epson-2007 (M)
One of the strongest dogs on the team giving day after day. This dog just gets stronger as the race goes on and can always be counted on to eat and drink like a machine.
... Tesla-2009 (F)
Tesla was a consistent performer giving multiple stages and helping to anchor this team.
... Dokken-2009 (M) (L)
Holy bonanza are we excited about this little guy's performance at IPSSSDR. He is a phenom leader, but we weren't sold on his endurance until he proved himself at this race. He drove like a maniac and attacked each stage like a PRO. He was a key leader for Al and performed brilliantly.
... Petrus-2009 (F) (L)
This little gal ran everyday like it was the first. She takes after her mom and has one of those batteries that never quits. She gets done with a 45 miler and she is still yapping to go. What a fun little dog to have around to boot; always in a cheery good mood.
... Driver-2009 (M) (L)
Driver was there everyday we needed him and threw out consistent performances no matter what the conditions were.
... Prince-2008 (M) (L)
Prince really grew up this year and in his first IPSSSDR he was one of the top performers. Gave multiple days and ran hard providing some muscle to the team.
... Cora-2010 (F)
The only yearling on the team and what a future phenom she is going to be. She gave multiple days with great attitude and even led a stage. We are super excited about this one's future.
... Daisy-2007 (F) (L)
Miss Daisy provided the experienced leadership the team needed and got Al through some tough stages. She is a hardworker that lopes and drives consistently. She kept a great attitude the entire race and kept that team moving.
... Grey-2006 (M)
Father: Typhoon (L)
A veteran IPSSSDR team dog made a difference on the climbs. He is a workhorse that gives 200%. He was hit by the bug and we struggled to keep weight on him so he'd have some reserves.
... Blackie-2007 (M)
This guy was a key point dog for Al and boy can he fly. He ran multiple stages and was eating enough to feed dogs 3x his size. He was ready to go everyday and gave everything he had.
... Checker-2005 (M) (L)
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Provided that experience this young team needed. Ran hard and consistent.