2012 Wyoming Ipsssdr Team (A)

This is by far our deepest team yet. We have a fine selection of driving leaders, great speed and some real powerhouses. The team will be driven by Bruce and handled by Monica. What a disappointing race. After finishing first in the 1st real stage; Lander, the dog team caught a very bad bug and things went downhill rapidly and they never got to show what they could do.
... Pepper-2005 (M) (L)
Mr. Pepper ... what a dog! He gave us 5 stages. He wasn't supposed to lead and due to the bug hitting the entire team, he stepped up and led two stages. He kept a high attitude and ran effortlessly just like the pro that he is! We luv ya Pepperman!!
... Sedona-2006 (F) (L)
For the first time ever the energizer bunny ran out of steam due to the bug. This dog is normally nuts on the truck everyday and for a few days she barely let out a peep. She still gave us 4 days, but it was not her best IPSSSDR.
... Utah-2006 (M)
It was debatable if this guy should have been the MVP, but Perry got it due to the one extra day. Utah gave us 5 stages; 4 in a row. He carried this team on his back and stroked it everyday he was on the trail. He is such a beautiful dog to watch when he is on his game and he gave us 200% this race.
... Cheyenne-2006 (F) (L)
Cheyenne was one of our key dogs, but was also one of the dogs hit the hardest with the bug. She was afflicted before the race started and we hadn't confirmed it until later as we thought it was altitude sickness. Despite this she still went out everytime we asked and gave everything she had. Super dog!
... Periwinkle-2008 (M)
The MVP goes to Perry! What a dog. He gave us 6 stages in a row! He just ran and ran and ran carrying this very sick team on his back. Perry you are a rockstar!
... Rocky-2006 (M) (L)
The Rockster gave us 4 stages and was consistent through out the race.
... Kaloof-2009 (M)
All I can say is WOW!! If we had 16 of these guys, no one would be able to touch us and we'd have a hard time deciding who would stay back. This young dog was amazing in his first IPSSSDR and just kept wanting more and more. He was so amped you had to stand clear for fear of injury! Kaloof gave us 5 stages.
... Durbin-2009 (M)
In his IPSSSDR debut this guy did not disappoint giving us 4 stages and a great attitude the entire race. Battling the bug, he proved to be one tough dog.
... Stella-2007 (F)
Another WOW! This dog just impressed and impressed and impressed us as the race went along. She gave us 5 stages. She eats and drinks like a machine. She has phenom feet. She has the speed and was on the winning Lander stage AND if that ain't enough she has attitude and she pulls like a brute. LOVE this dog and we may be seeing some pups out of her soon.
... Harlon-2008 (M)
Harlon is a key component to climbing fast. He puts everything he has on the line. Unfortunately, the bug depleted his reserves and he struggled to help us out as much as we needed.
... Siksik-2007 (M) (L)
SikSik was one of our main leaders and he led the 1st place Lander team. He struggled with the bug after that stage. He still tried his darndest, but the spark was missing. Such a shame.
... Spit-2007 (F) (L)
This little gal is wired wrong. Everyday you don't send her out, she literally tears crap up. She gave us 5 stages and 150% everytime she was on the trail. She is a high attitude worker that is a valuable team player.
... Spike-2007 (M) (L)
Spike was one of our main leaders and helped lead the winning Lander stage. He is a driven powerhouse. He lost some zing after day one to the bug and then got hit severly hard with it later in the race and we had to keep him out the remainder of the race. To our major disappointment, he was only able to give us 3 stages.
... Sparrow-2007 (M) (L)
Another main leader. This dog bounces off the wall constantly. He was hit with the bug later in the race. He gave us 5 stages and was ready to go everyday. It was a joy to pull him out of the box everyday ready to go.
... Puff-2008 (M)
This was Puff's debut at IPSSSDR. He ran on the winning day and then was afflicted hard with the bug. He came back to give us 4 stages, but we didn't really get to see what he was made of.
... Nessa-2009 (F)
Nessa's IPSSSDR debut was ruined by the bug. She ran 3 stages, but we were counting on her for an everyday dog.