2012 Copperdog 2nd Place Team

After being afflicted with a virus for a month the team had fallen out of training prior to this race. Stage 1 and 2 they pulled off 2nd place, but were a bit flat. On Stage 3 they woke up and had a smoking run and we closed a 26 minute gap to 2 minutes. Very proud this team finally came together.
... Pepper-2005 (M) (L)
We call him old reliable. He ran all three days flawlessly with everything he had. He makes this look so easy that he is often overlooked for what an exceptional dog he is.
... Utah-2006 (M)
Ran all three days! On day three him and Durbin were in wheel running over the rest of the team. They were on fire!
... Cheyenne-2006 (F) (L)
Ran all three days. She led for two days, but struggled a bit and then was a powerhouse in point.
... Periwinkle-2008 (M)
This guy is relentless. He was under the weather on day two, but still pulled it together to run all three days and was screaming to go on the last day.
... Kaloof-2009 (M)
Ran all three days. On day three he was practically rocking the truck to go.
... Durbin-2009 (M)
Ran all three days. This one is a loping machine and on day three him and Utah over powered the rest of the team.
... Stella-2007 (F)
Stella gave all three days. She was a bit under the weather like Perry, but still managed to give what she had and on day three she was ready for more.
... Siksik-2007 (M) (L)
SikSik led all three days! On day three he was on fire and led that team to have a smoking fast run winning the stage.
... Spit-2007 (F) (L)
Drove relentlessly all three days and was the team cheerleader everyday.
... Sparrow-2007 (M) (L)
Led some on all 3 days, finishing most days. He was bouncing off the walls on day three.