2011 Wyoming Ipsssdr Team

Here is the roster of who made the 2011 team this year.
... Pepper-2005 (M) (L)
Wow did Pepper pull through for us this year running one of his best Stage Stops. He gave us 5 stages leading 4 of them.
... Mikka-2005 (F) (L)
Mikka ran great giving us (4) stages. It was not as many as we hoped, but we hurt her feet in Alpine and had to keep her out the rest of the race.
... Sedona-2006 (F) (L)
The energizer bunny did not disappoint. She was a consistent performer giving us 5 stages and 1 in lead. She was the consumate cheerleader and tried to keep the team's attitude up when we were hitting a wall late in the race.
... Utah-2006 (M)
Utah did not disappoint. He gave us 5 strong stages and got stronger in the end. He is a tough dog that ran through some pretty sore feet.
... Cheyenne-2006 (F) (L)
Cheyenne was a speed demon and kept a high attitude the whole race. She ran 5 stages leading in Marbleton and Kemmerer.
... Billy-2003 (M) (L)
Billy was a machine and carried this team on his back. He ran 5 stages.
... Maximus-2003 (M) (L)
Max, the veteran, pulled through for us this year giving us multiple stages (4) and cheering the team on. He ran lead in Lander and Kemmerer.
... Shiner-2005 (M) (L)
Shiner had a disappointing race. He gave us 3 stages with outstanding performances, but had a minor knot in his quad after a very punchy trail in PInedale and we could not work it out to get him back in the game.
... Lahti-2007 (F) (L)
Lahti performed very well and proved that she is a stage dog with high attitude and ability to run multiple stages. She ran 4 stages for us. Unfortunately, we hurt her feet in Alpine and had to keep her out the rest of the race.
... Umea-2007 (F) (L)
Umea originally made the team, but was moved to spare in place of Stella at the last minute based on some things we were seeing during training runs.
... Vaanta-2007 (F)
This was Vaanta's first IPSSSDR. She raced way stronger than she trained. She showed a calm demeanor through the entire race and ran hard and fast. We hurt her feet in Alpine though and had to take her off for a day or she would have ran more.
... Periwinkle-2008 (M)
Perry was one of the backbones of this team carrying 5 stages and really putting it on the line. He was steady and consistent the entire race.
... Rocky-2006 (M) (L)
Rocky gave us 4 stages and led 2 of them. We rested him so we could run him in lead. He was a monster in team and a little hot and cold in lead.
... Charlie-2006 (M) (L)
Charlie came on the trip as spare dog #18.
... Slim Shady-2004 (M)
Seasoned veteran that was a key dog on the team. He was a consistent great performer for 5 stages..
... Hound-2008 (M) (L)
Houndy is a driving fool in lead. He was one of our main speed leaders.
... Della-2003 (F) (L)
I cannot express how excited and surprised we were with Della's performance. Having less training then the rest of the team she was hands down one of our strongest dogs giving us 5 stages with nothing but 150% effort. This dog rocks! She led in Lander.
... Stella-2007 (F)
Stella originally came on the truck as the spare #17, but we changed our mind based on what we were seeing and she made the team. Thank goodness we did because she turned into one of our everyday dogs giving us 5 stages of outstanding performance.