2009 Tcsdr 2nd Place Team

This is a special group of dogs with several future superstars. There are several more talented dogs than on our 1st place team, but they were untested until this race and boy did they show up! The point was to weed out who wouldn't make the Wyoming team and noone got weeded out - a good problem to have. MVP: 2 year old Utah - this guy is unbelievably fluid and just gets stronger the further you go. His siblings were right there with him. Anker and Cracker led the troop driving at a great pace. Cracker had one of her better runs yet.
... Oly-2005 (M) (L)
Oly was steady and there when we needed him.
... Toppi-2005 (M)
Toppi is a race dog. At the truck he was just hammering to go and put some serious power in front of that sled. He is a force to reckon with when he is ready to roll.
... Cracker-2003 (F) (L)
Miss Cracker, our little Diva, showed everyone who's boss at this race. She was a machine with Anker and helped drive an adrenalized group of youngsters to a close 2nd place finish!
... Sedona-2006 (F) (L)
We have never seen a dog that has endless energy until Sedona. She was a nut job before the race and a nut job after the race. She powers through deep snow as if it's not there and she is always on that tug. Unreal young dog looking for a superstar spot!
... Utah-2006 (M)
Is it possible to have a 2 year old in his first race as your MVP? Well, Utah proved that it is. What a gifted sled dog. Beautifully gaited, effortless and endless drive and energy. He was happy at the finish and made this look easy as he got stronger the further they went.
... Cheyenne-2006 (F) (L)
Cheyenne's first race and what a future superstar she is looking to be. She gives you everything and then finishes like she's ready for another 100 miles.
... Vail-2006 (F) (L)
Here's another one from that litter that just goes and goes. Vail hung in there like a pro. She was a little down at the finish, but you could never tell by the way she ran. Outstanding first race.
... T.J.-2003 (F) (L)
TJ came back looking the same as when she left - happy! She loped and was consistent.
... Shiner-2005 (M) (L)
Shiner's short legs struggled a bit in the deep snow, but he stayed with the team and gave it everything he had.
... Zipper-2005 (F) (L)
Now here is a tough little dog. Trained for 3 years in Unlimited Sprint she ran her first 63 miler and had high attitude the entire way. She struggled a little at about 45, but came back strong for a tough finish. We are super excited about the endurance and attitude this little gal shows.
... Rocky-2006 (M) (L)
What an adventure this young dog had in his first race. This guy loves speed. The faster you go, the more amped he is. Handled the mileage like it was nothing and proved to be a tough guy in the deep snow.
... Anker-2004 (M) (L)
Our first race with Anker in lead and he didn't dissappoint. He is a special dog with incredible drive. His gait is real low to the ground and he is like a low flying rocket up front. He led the entire way and held a great pace and was very strong coming home.