2008 Tcsdr 1st Place Team 8-Dog

This team rock-n-rolled to a 1st place finish breaking the course record. 43 miles 2:58 Driven by Monica.
... Mary-2004 (F) (L)
Mother: Sue
What a resume this little girl is getting. She led stride for stride next to Maximus and never missed a beat!
... Pepper-2005 (M) (L)
Pepper is a beautifully gifted runner and did a phenomenal job in point. He never once stopped loping or came off that tug. This was only his 2nd race and he is a real up and comer.
... Mikka-2005 (F) (L)
Little Mikka showed that she is still a superstar and handled the speed with grace and effortlessness.
... Blizzard-2003 (M) (L)
Superstar Blizzard did his thing and coasted beautifully in wheel the entire race.
... Quest-2003 (M) (L)
Here's the guy noone notices at the beginning of training season and you realize by the end it's becuase he is always there and does everything right. He didn't miss a beat in point.
... Billy-2003 (M) (L)
Billy and I worked out some personality issues and I ran him in wheel. There is nothing like this dog in snow - serious power!
... Maximus-2003 (M) (L)
Maximus was the driving force leading this team and he took us to speeds I have never experienced in a race. The tougher the terrain the faster he went and never stopped.
... Ivan-2004 (M) (L)
Ivan is an honest sled dog that gives you everything he's got and he did. The speed was a bit out of his comfort zone, but when we hit those hills he had us moving!