2007 Wyoming Ipsssdr Team

The goal was to place in the top ten this year and we were estatic with 8th place amongst this competition. Ake, Dickens, Renae, Toppi, Mackie, Indigo, Cracker, Tanya, Quest, Egil, Ice, Blizzard, Mikka, Mary, Lemon, Nellie
... Mary-2004 (F) (L)
Mother: Sue
This little girl almost didn't make the team becuase her training performance was hot and cold. We a last minute decision and thank goodness we did. She was one of the most valuable dogs and ran 6 stages and got stronger. She added leader to her resume and performed brilliantly!
... Lemon-2005 (F) (L)
Unbelievable performance! Plans were to only run the yearlings 3 stages at the most, she pulled off 5 and was still ready to roll. Hard driving maniac!
... Indigo-2001 (F) (L)
Led 3 of 5 stages. She is the gal we go to when the crowds are big or there is a need for a solid leader that can handle pressure. She didn't perform up to her ability this year due to a tricep injury, but gave us everything and is now healed 100%.
... Nellie-2000 (F) (L)
Father: Thunder
Nellie ran 4 of 8 stages and led one. She is an injury free dog that can run everyday. We would have used her more, but she decided to come into full blown heat during this race and we didn't want to take any chances.
... Mikka-2005 (F) (L)
Another yearling that blew our minds at this race. She ran 5 of the 8 stages and continued to get stronger. We have never worked with such a mature group of yearlings that handled pressure so effortlessly.
... Toppi-2005 (M)
Once again, another superstar yearling. Toppi ran 5 of 8 stages and was a work horse. He is a bigger dog and held up with no issues.
... Cracker-2003 (F) (L)
Hands down the MVP! Cracker ran 6 of the 8 stages and led all of them! She overcame a mild foot injury during the race and still managed to set a great pace and handle all the pressure.
... Tanya-2004 (F) (L)
Led 3 stages. Suffered a bicep injury prior to the race due to a mistep and it showed up during the race, which forced us to take it easy on her.
... Blizzard-2003 (M) (L)
Ran 4 of the toughest stages out west and was a solid work horse. He led one stage and was there when we needed him.
... Dickens-2002 (M) (L)
Mother: Paige T. Killam
Dickens ran 5 of 8 stages and was a solid performer. He holds up really well under those conditions and never showed any sign of being sore and just got stronger and stronger. He is a cheerleader that helps get the team jazzed.
... Quest-2003 (M) (L)
Quest was one of our main leader to choose from. He ran 5 of 8 stages, led 2 and was fast and steady.