Welcome to Magnusson Racing owned by Bruce and Monica Magnusson.

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2008: TCSDR 8- dog 1st place - Track Record, 3rd place Stage Stop 6th place

2009: TCSDR 8-dog 1st place, 12-dog 2nd place Stage Stop 4th place UP 200 8th place

2010 TCSDR 12-dog 2nd place Stage Stop 6th place

2011 Stage Stop 6th place Lake Louise 1st place Indian River 4th place

2012 TCSDR 8-Dog 1st place - track record, 2nd place - broke previous record, 8th, 6-Dog 1st place CopperDog 2nd place

2013 TCSDR 8-Dog 4th, 8th place/ 6-dog 1st place Stage Stop 6th place CopperDog 1st place

2014 TCSDR 8 dog 1st place, 2nd place, 6th place, 7th place Stage Stop 5th place Copper dog 4th place, 12th place

2015 TCSDR 8-dog 1st place, 7th place/10-dog 1st place, 4th place/6-dog 1st place Stage Stop 3rd place Copper Dog 2nd place, 6th place