Group Retired from Racing


Mentally these 3 would love nothing more than to run all day long. Minty is big chubby girl these days and her running extends to running with humans and little pups. Folsom's racing career extended beyond what any vet thought he could- another 4 years. Considering his respiratory illness that began in the fall of 2014 it's amazing he's still running around almost as nuts as when he was a young dog. Outlaw's flawless career ended way to soon in the winter of 2018 when he sustained a freak injury to his foot running through fresh cut brush and getting a stick through his foot. He trained with us for about 4 months last season until that injury resurfaced. As a main stud he has plenty of fun years ahead.

Folsom-2009 (L)Perm
M   SuspectPerm Nitro-2006Perm Mike Santos Pedigree
Minty-2009 (L)Perm
F   Hammer-2005Perm Curly-2002Perm Rick and Patti Mackey Pedigree
M   Champ-2010Perm Sally-2008Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree

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