Group Race Results 2014/2015


6 championships out of the last 8 races we entered and two 2nd place finishes. The dogs continue to exceed our expectations.

2015- Knik 200Perm M       Pedigree
Jr. North AmericanPerm M

March 6, 7, & 8th. Isabel took 2nd in the 4 dog class.

Jr. Sprint Races Challenge SeriesPerm M

Isabel and team won the four dog class at 16 mph for 4.8 miles. Team: Helen, Merlot, Hooligan, & Kingpin

First truck ride and race for yearlings Kingpin and Hooligan.

Mushing Madness Jr. EventPerm M       Pedigree
Nenana Ice Classic Tripod Race 40/40 2015Perm M

Brenda and team took 2nd place in this year's Tripod race.

Solstice 100Perm M

January 3, 2015 Will and team set a blistering 13.1 mph pace for the first 52 mile heat. And nearly as fast on the second heat after the required 4 hour break finishing 1 hour and 40 minutes ahead of the 3rd place team and 10 minutes ahead of uncle Lance Mackey after a neck and neck race most of the way. 2 Teams of Mackey Dogs with Separate Bloodlines Completely Dominating the Field

Team: Pan, Folsom, Zombie, Fossil, Flash, Bolt, Thunder, Boo, Sherpa, Stinger, Captain & Outlaw. No injuries or dropped dogs.

The Minto Dash 120Perm M

The second race in the Triple Crown series. Brenda took 1st place.

The Old Mail Trail 200 2015Perm M

Brenda and team set another record pace with a total running time of 14 hours and 23 minutes in first place. Team: Folsom, Merlot, Pan, Zombie, Sherpa, Bolt, Boo, Flash, Stinger, & Outlaw

Tustamena 200Perm M

Canceled due to lack of snow