Group Race Results 2013/2014

Chatanika Challenge 200-2014Perm M

Begins March 7th out of Two Rivers, AK. Lots of hills and a couple summits to climb in this race.

Will finsihed the Chatanika 200 in just over 26 hours in 2nd place out of 22 teams. It was his first "checkpoint" race so checkpoint management was crucial. It was a very successful race and the four 16 month olds that finished are going to be tough as nails next year.

Jr. Sprint Races Challenge Series 1, 2, and 3Perm M

1st place in Challenge Series #1

Challenge Series 2 & 3 Canceled due to poor weather

Nenana Ice Classic Tripod Race 45/45Perm M

March 1st and 2nd. Normally this race consists of two 40 mile heats this year the trail is 45 miles both days. I've wanted to race in the Tripod race for a long time since it begins in my home town. I'll be racing 10 of our main team and Will is going to race the remaining dogs from our main string along with four dogs from Alan Miller.

So proud of these champions. Folsom, Willow, Salt, Pan, Boo, Bolt, Sherpa, Bounty, Flash, and Captain. First place both days. Very rough trail in areas and lots of river ice in the first 2 miles. Day 1 time: 2:51.03 Day 2 time: 2:52.40

Team 2 with Will racing. Annie, Rachet, Fergie, Zombie, Hachet, Juggs, Thunder, Stout, Outlaw, and Stinger. 3rd place on the first day and 2nd place the following day for 2nd place overall. Outstanding Day 1 time: 3:10.52 Day 2 time: 2:56.52

Northern Lights 300Perm M

***Race Canceled due to several weeks of +35 and heavy rains making the trail/river a disaster.

Solstice 50Perm M

Excellent 1st race for Will yesterday placing 4th out of 19 teams in the 50 miler and just 7 minutes behind uncle Lance Mackey and 33 seconds behind champ Sebastian Schnuelle . A total of 43 teams at our local race which made for VERY congested trails and constant passing. The 50 milers went out after the 100 milers so Will passed over 30 teams in the 1st 20 miles. It was also a 1st race for the majority of our young team. Trail conditions were slow and punchy in sections with lots of fresh snow~

Team: Folsom, Fergie, Fergie, Pan, Zombie, Bullet, Stout, Boo, Bounty, Minty, Flash, and Captain.

The Old Mail Trail 200Perm M

The Old Mail Trail 200 departs Nenana, heads to Old Minto, Tolovana, and the mid-way point of Manley. 2014 is the first running of the race and is set for March 21st. Brenda will be running this one.

1stThis was a super fun race in my favorite place to run dogs- the Minto Flats. Running with mushers like my uncle Lance Mackey, Bill Cotter, Hugh Neff, etc. there was a heavy field of competition.