Group Main Leaders 2018/2019


We are very fortunate to have so many highly skilled leaders to work with this season. These are not just dogs who run up front, but all very crisp on the fly command leaders, marker to marker leaders, plow through water, ignore loose dogs, etc.

Fender-2009 (L)Perm

Never needs a day off from lead. Loves being a sled dog. He's gotten much sharper with age in his 4 years with our team.

SuspectPerm Nitro-2006Perm Mike Santos Pedigree
Kaltag-2014 (L)Perm

Kaltag is a hotshot young leader with the confidence of a king and the brains of a scholar. He likes to be the big guy on campus and his magnetism is infectious. Kaltag is a loyal and loving dog. His strong presence never goes overlooked when people visit the kennel

Bolt-2012Perm Salt-2011Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Kingpin-2013 (L)Perm

KP is 2nd only to Pan in his leadership of the team. Nobody's going to out pull, out trot, or out desire Kingpin. He is our "Commander Jr." and truly beautiful to watch in action.

Carbon-2002Perm Minty-2009Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Luke-2015 (L)Perm

***Luke is quite the surprise. While not a main leader yet, he is close. He has rapidly picked up commands, has tons of focus, speed, and all the right stuff."

Bashy-2014Perm Elsa-2014Perm Dominik Alber Pedigree
Lusa-2016 (L)Perm

Lusa. Intelligence, nonstop drive, beautiful mover, this little girl is a dream leader. Looking forward to getting pups from her next year.

Outlaw-2012Perm Salt-2011Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Monarch-2015 (L)Perm

Monarch is a crisp command leader who likes to be in charge. Her knowledge and maturity as a 3 yr old is impressive.

Folsom-2009Perm Smarty-2013Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Oreo-2012 (L)Perm

***Oreo is a dog we felt more suitable for being a "trail leader or helper" this fall she is excelling as a main leader. She has the perfect sled dog head- always super happy and tough."

Carbon-2002Perm JodyPerm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Pan-2011 (L)Perm

One tough dude Pan is the main man of the team. Driving the team to many victories and top 3 finishes during his career. Pan has never been dropped from a race.

Peanut-2009Perm Sadie-2002Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Salt-2011 (L)Perm

Salt is a natural born leader who excels in speed races or when the going gets extra tough. Salt has made close to 30 leaders in her lifetime. This is an incredibly strong line of leaders with not just drive but a higher intelligence.

Oscar-1999Perm JodyPerm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Spark-2015 (L)Perm

Spark was born to lead and has done so from early age. He is extremely intelligent and responsive.

Champ-2010Perm Salt-2011Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Zeus-2014 (L)Perm

Zeus is a speed demon and a beautiful loper. He gears down perfectly for trotting, too. He's not quite a main leader, but very close and an excellent addition to our team.

Titan-2013Perm Fox-2012Perm Dominik Alber Pedigree

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