Kuskokwim 300 2016

The Kuskokwim 300 was the most difficult race I've entered and I only made it 100 miles into the race. In the span of about 10 hours I frostbit my cornea losing all vision in my right eye, came literally right to the edge of running the team into a huge expanse of open water in the middle of the river, broke my sled, and pretty much felt like I was trying to survive rather than race. This was a particularly tough year on a "trail" of glare ice with winds howling at 45mph. For people not use to these conditions it'll blow your mind, seriously. You won't see anything like the Kusko unless you're at the Kusko. Will drove our dog team back after I scratched and had to be flown to the hospital in Anchorage. It was an excellent learning experience all the way around. Three of our top 2 year olds, Hooligan, Torch, and Thunder, competed in the 2nd and 4th place Bogus 150 teams. It was Kingpin (in my team as a 2 yr old), Hooligan, and Torch's first races.