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*****It's Hard to Beat a Mackey Dog***** Our dogs have been bred since the 1960's, producing generations of winning teams in the Iditarod, Yukon Quest, & the most competitive mid-distance races, proving it's hard to beat a Mackey dog. Discounts to Jr. mushers, non-breeding kennels, and repeat buyers.


DOB: 5-2-2016 Super youngster but doesn't have the size to fit in with our team. Very smooth loping or trotting gait. Started in lead and a focused front-end dog. 32 runs since July 20th. Never tired/Great eater/coat. $1000

Outlaw-2012Perm Mira-2012Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Torch-2013 (L)Perm

DOB: 8-23-2013 Torch is a very dependable and durable young dog in our team. His first race was in Bethel as a 2 yr old leased for the Bogus 150, a sheet of ice and 40mph winds didn't make for an easy first race but he excelled. Insane eater, super hard worker, Never dropped and no injuries.$2500

Race Record : 4th Bogus Creek 150 2016, leased to Herman Philip. This was Torch's first race and running with a musher unknown to him he had a super performance. The Bogus 150 is an extremely challenging race. In 2016 it was 150 miles of glare ice on the Kuskokwim River in which Herman was 1st and 2nd most of the way until his main leader got hurt. Then he put Torch in lead to help get him down the trail. We passed on a very generous offer for Torch. 1st Two Rivers 200 2016 2nd Knik 200 2017 10th & Rookie of the Year Award Copper Basin 300 2017 3rd Willow 300 2017 1st Nenana Ice Classic Tripod 42/42 2017

Folsom-2009Perm Zombie-2011Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree