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*****It's Hard to Beat a Mackey Dog***** Our dogs have been bred since the 1960's, producing generations of winning teams in the Iditarod, Yukon Quest, and the most competitive mid-distance races, proving it's hard to beat a Mackey dog.

Ophir-2014 (L)Perm F

Ophir is a 3.5 yr old spay leader, the type of dog who is a natural in lead with high attitude and focus. She is best suited for a trotting team. Being spay she has a hard time keeping weight off. She is a big girl with a very smooth loping or trotting gait, however she does prefer to trot. Extremely friendly with all people and dogs. Good eater/drinker and coat.

Bolt-2012Perm Salt-2011Perm Brenda Mackey Pedigree