Group 2019 Litters

Minty x ApolloPerm M

A Mackey/Swingley mix founded in a heavy dose of Wright genetics. Apollo has been a phenom ever since he came in to the kennel and we're looking forward to his first litter.

Apollo-2016Perm Minty-2009Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Oreo x BravePerm M

These 2 made a really nice mix so we will do this breeding again.

Brave-2015Perm Oreo-2012Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree
Salt x KingpinPerm M

We tapped into something really special with their first breeding so we will repeat it.

Kingpin-2013Perm Salt-2011Perm - Mackey/Rhodes Pedigree

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