Dog Sophie-2013

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Alaskan Sled Dog
Ray Redington Jr.

DOB: 6-22-2013 We bought 4 year old Sophie in October of 2017 when Jason Mackey had his kennel sell out. She was due to go with a group of dogs he had picked out as a veteran group for Joar. I don't know if Joar kept any of that group, but after running this fast trotting smooth girl we offered to buy her, being first on the scene of his sell out worked out really well for us as we got several really amazing dogs from him. Tracking down her bloodline history was a rabbit hole until we talked to Ray about her at the Willow 300. He said she's out of Shred and she looks like those dogs. We laughed with Travis and agreed as long as the dog's tug is tight and performing well it really makes no difference who they're out of. Sophie has never been dropped from a race and is extremely durable. Mike Jr. said Sophie was just as I had described to him and she finished in lead for him in the 2018 Iditarod at a competitive pace.

Race Record With Jason Mackey: ---34th- Iditarod 2016 ---21st- Iditarod 2017 ---Kusko 2016 (not sure where he placed) ---Kusko 2017 (not sure where he placed) ---Yukon Quest 300 2016 ---4th- Kobuk 440 2016 ---4th- Kobuk 2017

Race Record in our Kennel: ---1st Two Rivers 200 2018 Record Pace ---2nd Willow 300 2018 ---25th Iditarod 2018- Finished in lead with Mike Williams Jr. ---1st Valley Funale 20 2018

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