Dog Dusk-2012

PedigreePicture Pedigree:
Alaskan Sled Dog
- Mackey/Rhodes

Dusk is a highly intelligent dog who takes in the world through keen eyes. She is a strong finisher who has never been dropped from a race. Dusk can go into a hard driving lope or a smooth traveling trot. She has high attitude, a tough head, and an endless desire to eat. We sold her to Mike Williams Jr. at 10 months of age and she has been a part of his main race team for 5 years. On his off years from racing she has raced with Ryan Redington. They described her as level headed, fearless on ice, and the type of dog who excels the further you go during races. We planned a split breeding with Mike Jr. after Dusk's last Iditarod. After spending time with her during pregnancy we decided to pursue buying her back. She is an excellent mother dog to her 5 pups with Champ. She is indeed very calm and level headed. She also holds her weight really well which is a great quality for a sled dog. Dusk now belongs to our friend Kristin Flowers whom we sold her to with breeding rights.

Race Record excluding village races while in Mike Jr.'s kennel: Iditarod 2016 48th with Mike Williams Jr. Iditarod 2017 14th with Ryan Redington- record set in this Iditarod Iditarod 2018 25th with Mike Williams Jr Kusko 2016 Kusko 2017 Kusko 2018 Solstice 50 2018


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