Group stud dogs

Stud Dogs.

Tightly linebred on Joee Redington lines. Leaf Spring ran 7 of 8 stages in the Pedigree Stagestop in 2015, 6 of 7 stages in lead in 2016 and all thee days of ONAC, days 2 and 3 as main leader. Very hard driving ($500).

Cocoa is a hard-driving leader with J. King, J. Conn and E. Ellis bloodlines. He ran lead in 4 Stagestop stages and all three days of ONAC in 2016 as a two-year-old. Tested and is not an AHE carrier. ($500)

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Cocoa-2013 (L)Perm M   Bailey-2010Perm Korma-2003Perm Jeff and Sarah Conn Pedigree
Leaf Spring-2012 (L)Perm M   Hopper-2010Perm Search-2010Perm Troy Groeneveld Pedigree