Seymour- Plutarch-2015 (M) (L)
  • Gigolo-2010 (L) K. Starflinger
  • Ada-2006 (L) E. Ellis
  • Generations
    Pedigree 3 4 5
    Picture Pedigree 3 4 5
  • A tall leggy hound male who we teasingly call our ugly duckly-- but don't let that fool you he is one of the fastest dog we have ever owned and will bring home a team like a freight train. These type of dogs don't come to a kennel very often and I am super happy he lives with me. Naturally hard working, kind, confident male with mass start success in lead.

    2017 - yearling year 6 dog** Didsbury AB 1st Place Finish Preeceville, SK 2nd Place Finish Meadow Lake SK 1st Place Finish

    2018 - Porcupine Plains SK 2nd Place Finish Alberta Oil sands Sled Dog Classic - 2nd Place Finish (Lead) Loon Lake SK 2nd Place Finish (Lead) Fall** Storm the Castle Dryland Derby - 2 dog scooter- 2nd place Finish Run A way Dryland Derby - 2 dog scooter- 1st Place Finish Bristol , QC - 2dog Scooter- 12 Place Finish 2019 Alberta Oil Sands Sled Dog Classic - 2nd Place Finish (lead) Prince Alberta SK- 1st Place Finish (lead)




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