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  • April 09 , 2023  

    6 boys 2 girls 

    Sako (50#) is a proven multi sport dog who has been burning up the agility track and enjoys tones of mono sport fun.

    As one of the only females in a exceptional litter of mushing boys   we are moving ahead with breeding her this winter.  This will be her only litter.  And after Sako has had her babies she will return to the Agility ring where we strive for her name to be in lights !

    Brody (67#)  is a young gun with my current team,   we can confirm he has speed, he has focus, he jumps up *milages* easily for a big dog and he learns quickly without loosing his confidence.    Brody has ran each race this season leading in Anzac and in the power position of wheel for The Pas,Curtwell, Meadow Lake, Prince Albert. With the season not over he is expected to compete more and also into the spring dryland. 

    What we expect is strong sport dogs that excell in both ring and on the trail. There should be  speed, power with tones of focus, good feet, coat and nice dogs to work and live with.  

    PM myself or Angie Panczak on FB for more details. 


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