Ziggy-2011 (F) (L)
  • Yeti-2007 (L) M. Murphy
  • Tak-2006 J. Fortier
  • Unknown
  • Generations
    Pedigree 3 4 5
    Picture Pedigree 3 4 5
  • https://www.flightriskmushing.com/ziggy

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    Ziggy is an intelligent girl, quick to pick things up and eager to please her handler. Shy and anxious to a fault, has separation anxiety and suspected littermate syndrome from breeder and previous owner. Knows gee/haw commands and WILL lead single or double but lacks the confidence to be a true leader. She is a great swing/team dog and that is where she is happiest. Decent feet, occasionally gets splits/tears. Fantastic food drive and extremely easy keeper. Easiest going temperament I've ever seen, she is basically a living pillow and gets along with any dog she meets. Spayed. Retired Feb 2020 due to slipped disc in lower back and enjoys couch life now! Birthdate 7/10/2011


    Fort Custer Dryland Race 2017

    Trailbreakers Sled Dog Club Ohio Dryland Challenge 2017

    Mystic Lake Dryland 2019 3-dog rig (single leader) 7th place, 2-dog bike 2nd place

    Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race 2020 4 dog sportsman (16mi), 5th place (leader)


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