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Next planned breeding is Spongebob x Hadley in 2011

Axle-2015 (L)Perm M

Sire is the star and largest dog of the Spongebob litter (2008 Junior x Laredo breeding). Started competing with Pearl to stay up in front at 5 weeks old. Loose drops and super eager to please. 89 lbs of speed and muscle with run-through a brick wall head. Gold Medal winner at 2009 IFSS World Dryland Championships in Saguenay, QC. Incredible head and passes like a dream without even a look or command. Comes from very successful English Pointer line and many siblings placing in top 3 at IFSS Word Championship's. Got all of the incredible leading traits from his father Junior (of Jessica Doherty). SBSP Loose drops and super eager to please. Extremely intelligent and easy to train. Adapts smoothly to 4-dog speed, powering the team at 20-28mph speeds. Can't stress enough how intense this guy's racing head is. Inherited many wonderfrul traits from his father Junior.

Dam Hadley from the Brannen's Rummy x Piper breeding (DOB 4/18/09) has developed into an integral part of our 20+mph 4-Dog Pro team. She has an exceptional drive and pushes herself at top speed and NEVER trots. She pairs up perfectly with Spongebob stride per stride, and leads with him.. At 8 months Hadley was 63 lbs and is the second largest dog in our kennel (2nd only to Spongebob). Last year was her "prep year", as she needed another year of experience behind her to gain the confidence to lead and race at 20+ mph. This racing season Hadley has matured beautifully and is ready for winning 4-dog speeds. She makes a great partner with Spongebob, and always gives every ounce of energy she has in harness. Both parents ran on the winning 4-Dog Pro team at the 2010 Bristol Canadian Championship( ) and the winning 4-dog team at the 2010 Fair Hill Challenge in Elkton, MD. ( )

SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS WoPerm Hadley (L)-2009Perm Christina Eagle Pedigree
Mack Eagle-2015 (L)Perm M

Summer 2015 litter

SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS WoPerm Hadley (L)-2009Perm Christina Eagle Pedigree