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Carlos-2015Perm M

June 2017 - I want to find an active pet or sport home for Carlos. He is an awesome fella - personable, friendly, willing to please, ready for action. He has a great character. He will be 2 in Aug and is about 55lbs. Will be about 60 when fully grown, is going through a growth spurt now. He is 40% German Shorthaired Pointer, 25% Greyhound, 35% Alaskan Husky. He has tons of drive and ready to do many activities with someone. Likely an awesome lure coursing dog or other sport type. He requires a grain-free diet as he has some form of grain allergy that affects his gut. Because of this, he is not quite suited to the life of competitive sled-dog that he was bred for. He is a real good boy, listens very well, great with children and has been good with all of our other dogs. He needs some manners and house training to be a house dog but is crate trained. Please contact me with questions. I will advise on feeding and diet. We have a special bond with him but know there is a better scenario out there for him. I will post pictures on Facebook.

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Josie-2015Perm F

June 2017 - Josie is a very nice female, will be 2 yrs in Aug. She is about 54lbs and still growing, is having a growth spurt right now. Nice coat, great feet, great attitude and likable dog. She is very well mannered but excited on the line and pretty easy to handle. Very intense worker with super speed, but also does well at slower speeds and adjusts easily to various speeds. I was not able to train as much as I would have liked to this past season and only got about 20 runs on the dogs so am not fully confident in my running assessment of Josie but I believe she would fit in well with a sprint team that trains more than I normally train, say 3-4x per week. She did get to run in the 6-dog at Bristol Dryland and did very well with only 11 runs on her. She was able to maintain 21-22mph with a tight tug for the 3miles and only slowed at the end with the crowds (first time she saw crowds ever). She also got a couple of runs with the scooter alone following another team and not and did very well when following but distracted when not. I do like this dog very much and she is quite attached to me but I will likely not be training much again this coming year and I have a lot of females right now, so she is available to the right working home.
I will post pictures on Facebook.

Thor-2007Perm Jolene-2008Perm Jessica Doherty Pedigree