Group Daaquam QC 6 Dog 1st

March 8-9 2014.

This was a crazy race for us. On Saturday I had a very fast run until the turn out 1/3 mile from the finish. I fell 2 x on 2 different corners and ended up finishing in the outgoing chute. I was 8 weeks pregnant and I think my judgement was off with 'pregnancy brain', as no one else fell. On Sunday the temps dropped and we had a clean, fast run all the way to the finish on the river (in the correct chute!) to get the course record of 6 miles in 16.45. My GPS read 6.1 miles both days.
With only an additional 4 runs since Laconia, putting us at 40 runs total for the entire season, the dogs showed they have the gifts to do what they do. They really make me choked up sometimes, and this race was one of those times!

M   Forrest-2008Perm Ty-2000Perm Jessica Doherty Pedigree
Eli-2008 (L)Perm
M   Junior-2005Perm Petra-2006Perm H Brannen J Doherty Pedigree
Emma-2011 (L)Perm
F   Louie-2003Perm Petra-2006Perm Heather Brannen Pedigree
F   Forrest-2008Perm Ty-2000Perm Jessica Doherty Pedigree
Rose-2010 (L)Perm
F   Forrest-2008Perm Ty-2000Perm Jessica Doherty Pedigree
Tim-2008 (L)Perm
M   Ruby-2004Perm Whippet-2004Perm Heather Hardy Pedigree