Group Bristol QC Dryland 6 Dog 6th

Oct 26-27 2013

This race presented a lot of challenges for us this year. We only had 4 dogs to run in this class with only 4 training runs on them. I usually like to run 5 dogs in this class and have a minimum of 10 runs going into this race.

Add to it, Dean was not running well at this race which is never like him, leaving us with more of a 3 dog team. He did tough it out and put what he had into it, but when we got home, he stopped running around the yard and one of his feet swelled - he was promptly diagnosed with Lyme disease. Thankfully, he did respond well to treatment. The positive aspect of this race was Eli played the role of teacher; Emma and Rose both got a chance to run up front and learn from the master this weekend.

Given all that, a 6th place was a great placing and I could not have asked for anything more.

M   Forrest-2008Perm Ty-2000Perm Jessica Doherty Pedigree
Eli-2008 (L)Perm
M   Junior-2005Perm Petra-2006Perm H Brannen J Doherty Pedigree
Emma-2011 (L)Perm
F   Louie-2003Perm Petra-2006Perm Heather Brannen Pedigree
Rose-2010 (L)Perm
F   Forrest-2008Perm Ty-2000Perm Jessica Doherty Pedigree