Group Bristol QC Dryland 4 Dog 1st

Oct 26-27 2013

Well, despite getting the win, this was one of the worse runs we've had in a while.

One of the 2 days, Wheels got on Lefty's side and pushed her so far over most of the course, Lefty could barely run. This is just not good in fast dry land racing, poor Lefty. In the last 1/2 mile, Wheels finally moved back over to the right side and it was like a superpower boost when Lefty got back into her usual afterburner run. Tim and Jolene kept the pace going all the while and were the reason why we still won.

The real amazing part is the dogs had only 4 training runs on them going into this race.

Jolene-2008 (L)Perm
F   Black Warrior-2003Perm Froken Norge-2005Perm Lena Boysen Hillestad Pedigree
F   Forrest-2008Perm Ty-2000Perm Jessica Doherty Pedigree
Tim-2008 (L)Perm
M   Ruby-2004Perm Whippet-2004Perm Heather Hardy Pedigree
Wheels-2011 (L)Perm
F   Louie-2003Perm Petra-2006Perm Heather Brannen Pedigree