Day 34: The Mad Dash Home ~ 1250 miles in 24 Hrs

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-21 11:03:00

Monday, March 18th 2013 Beresford, SD to Central Square, NY ~ 1250 miles

The day started out with Jolene being sick in her box. She must have what Tim had a few days ago. The parking lot of the Super8 was a sheet of ice.

We decided we would make some ground this morning and feed the dogs mid-day. It was so windy out, not much snow but ice. Traveling is really getting old and we still have 2 more 600 mile days.

The road was not nearly as icy as the parking lot so we made pretty good time and driving was not that bad. About mid-day we see a sign at an exit for Loess Hills State Forest, a 9 miles off of Rt 29 South. We figured the dogs had been real troopers and we owed it to them to find a good spot they could run for a bit and eat.

The GPS took us to a Maint building in the middle of a small town, crap. I think the name of the town was Pisgah. This GPS has screwed up many times on this trip so we almost always check it against the maps but we don't have a map that drills down this far. So we drove down the road looking for a spot to turn us around. We pulled down a nice dirt road that looked like it would bring us back to the center of town. There was an intersection in the road where 2 dogs were loose and chasing our truck. We turned down another dirt road directed by the GPS and found ourselves in the most stressful driving situation of the entire trip ~ serious MUD for about a 1/3 mile! Man alive, it was really bad. We could't stop and turn around or we would be stuck for sure. There was NO WAY a tow truck could even come down here if we got stuck in this mud. I think only a big farm tractor might be able to do it. Brian kept going trying not to loose momentum, as that was ALL we had going for us. The truck was trying hard to go forward but kept getting sucked to the sides of the road and deeper into mud? just as we thought we were in real trouble, the road started to decline and the truck was able to regain momentum, but still sliding to the sides, back and forth. We SOMEHOW made to the end of the road where the dirt became firm again?it was a MIRACLE, seriously. Man Alive.

At the end of the ROAD from HELL, we see a sign Loess Hills State Forest. Hey! After all that, we accidentally find the Forest. We pull into a really nice pull off way off the road by a nice river. There was a trail and a nice open area the dogs could run around. They all got out and had a good time. Jolene is still sick with bad diarrhea but not that sick as she thoroughly enjoyed herself at this spot. We talked about just driving on through the night as a possibility. It totally depends on how Brian is feeling as he can't fit in the passenger seat if I drive because of the bench seat so he would have to drive for 24 hrs if we decided to do that. We'll have to play this by ear. We fed the dogs and were on our way.

So we hit Rt 80 East about 1230pm CT. Later in the day we were talking again about trying to just make a mad dash home instead of spend another night in a motel. I wanted to feed/water the dogs but that would mean stopping for a while, then letting them out for 2 pee breaks after. At least a 1.5-2 hr delay. Brian did not want to do that because he figured he could drive for 24 hrs, but not if we drag it out to 26 hrs, etc? the dogs are sick of being on the road and so are we. There was also a big snow storm supposedly happening in our area and we did not want to come home to 18 inches of snow in our driveway. We decided to drive on and just pull over and nap in the truck if we have to. That is not easy since we have a Regular Cab with a bench seat ~ part of the reason we always stop at a motel each night. I have learned to nap sitting up but Brian has not.

We passed into Ohio at Midnight. Brian was on a roll and wanted to keep going, so we did.

NEW YORK STATE at 5am ET. Only 3.5 hours now. Brian was tired but we couldn't stop now.

We hit HOME at 9am and BARELY made it up our driveway ~ there was more snow than when we left.

And that my friends is the END of our ALASKA adventure ~ something we will never forget.

And now to pay the Credit Card - Ouch!