Day 32: The Road Home

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-21 09:37:46

Saturday, March 16th 2013 Claresholm, AB to Sheridan, WY ~ 610 miles

This was by far the best day of driving we've had on this entire 5-week trip. We left Claresholm about 845am MT. It was still fairly cold at 15F but the dogs think it's warming up. The Motel 6 was great, so much better than the previous 2 nights which were double the money. Today we will drive south to the Border into Montana. Not sure how far we will get. Canada is expensive and we'll be glad to get into Montana today. The gas in this area south of Calgary is the cheapest it's been but still at least $1+ more per gallon than the US. That really adds up on a journey like this. By the time we get home, we will have traveled 10,000 miles in 35 days.

Dogs are eating good but have lost a little weight the last few days. It has been very cold last few days but we will be driving into warm weather today it looks like. We stopped feeding meat because we ran out and did not want to buy more and deal with it on the ride home, especially if the temps warm we are not able to keep large amounts of meat frozen or even cold. I don't think I realized how many calories they were getting from the meat/water meals they were getting. Tim is also much better, so that was a short-lived bug. The other dogs all seem good, which is great.

The driving is very good here ? huge plains but roads are great and the land is open, everything is very visible. The temperatures are warming fast as we travel south.

It was a busy Border Crossing at SweetGrass MT. Very nice border agent, he laughed when we told him how much $ we won at the races. He made it real easy and we passed through quick.

Ahhh, Montana. Big Land. No Snow. Got gas in Shelby for $3.38 per gallon. Awesome. We have been going broke on gas (can you tell since I keep talking about it in each log?).

I called my parents. They told me they took Ivan to the vet as his face was looking worse. Vet said it was a good thing they brought his as he has some sort of nasty infection. Must be some sort of cellulitis.
It's still cold at home but most of the snow is melted. It will be time for spring cleaning when we get back, especially of the dog yard and kennel. Spring melting is always a mess.

Gas in Great Falls was $3.26. It's warm! In the 40's. So nice out. All ice on the box doors is melting fast.

A little ways down the road in Conrad we let the dogs out in a nice pull off by a gas station. It had a huge field so the dogs got loose for the first time in days. They were HAPPY! Ada's shoulder looks horrible, but everyone is just mentally psyched. Wheels was bored while waiting for her turn to get off the truck and quickly reminded my of her nasty rock eating habit she started in the late fall. She had a friggin rock in her mouth and was about to swallow it. Meathead. We have some work to do when we get home to rock proof her living area. Wheels is the first dog I've had that eats rocks. I know quite a few people that have rock eaters, glad I only have one.

This was the dogs first big travel and certainly will be the longest travel they will ever do unless we go back to Alaska. 32 days on the road and I'm real proud of them that they have kept a good mental outlook on things. Course we try to keep them happy but's a long time on the road.

At 530pm MT were doing 75 mph on Rt 90 toward Billings MT in real nice country. Can't get better than that. It must be close to 50F out.

At 815pm MT, we stop in Sheridan WY, got gas (for $3.17 per gallon!) and got a room at Motel 6 for $56 + tax. We are so glad we decided to travel south. We have great roads, warm weather and we are saving an arm and a leg on gas and lodging.

I busted out the bag of Annamaet Impact, that was way in the back of the bed as I hadn't been using it too much. I'll add it to everyone's food for the next few days and hopefully they'll be back with good weight by the time we get home. Emma, Jolene, Wheels, Lefty and Tim don't really need it but everyone else does.

I hit the hay early. Brian stayed up, watched the UFC and let the dogs out one last time at 1130pm..