Day 29: The Road Home

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-17 22:57:01

Wednesday, March 13th 2013 Haines Junction, YT to Muncho Lake, BC ~ 500 miles

Morning came fast! Brian was up fairly early and giving me the business to get going. It was 630 on our clock but really 730am PT.

It was COLD! One of the coldest nights we've felt. Must have been -20F. We didn't plug the truck in and it struggled to start. The dogs seemed warm as we had bunked Tim and Ada and Loretta got Tim's box. The back 6 boxes are warmer as the dogs share body heat between the boxes. Wheels is the only one in a separated box but she is fairly tough and has a good coat.

We decided we would not feed them here and just offer them some clear water. No one wanted to drink. We will feed them in a little while when it warms up some down the road.

We pulled intoWhitehorse YT 100 miles later about 10am PT. Crossing into Canada was easier than ordering at Starbucks in Whitehorse. The kid at the counter just didn't quite get anything we were asking for. 4 Egg McMuffins at McDonalds and off we go east down the Alaska Hwy.

Other than the cold, the weather and roads could not be better. We are actually driving 70mph, the fastest we've driven in weeks.

We are headed to Liard River Hot Springs today. We swore we would not miss this on the way home since we didn't stop on the way. It's between Watson Lake and Muncho Lake. It will be probably late afternoon by the time we get there so maybe we will stay at Northern Rockies Lodge in Muncho Lake, a sweet place we stopped in on the way. The owner had given us a coupon for a room. They are real pricy but maybe that will be our last hurrah.

The roads changed back to ice/snow about 50 miles past Whitehorse, back to 4WD. The day is still beautiful.

We stopped at a pulloff just before Teslin and fed the dogs about Noon PT.

Ada's shoulder is looking worse and worse. It's like it has no support at all, becoming bonier and more muscle loss is visible. She has not shown any signs of pain though. Both Dr Natalie Fortier and Dr Dawn Brown told me that it can only be nerve damage, and that neither has ever seen anything quite like it. Another oddball injury to add to our list. We have been fortunate in general last couple of years with no major injuries or illness in any of our dogs. I guess we were due. Once we get into the states I will make a call to Dr Bookbinder in Canastota, an Orthopedic Specialist. Hopefully he can give me a plan of action on what we can do to rehabilitate Ada and hopefully bring the nerve back to function.

We pass into British Columbia at 1pm PT and through Watson Lake around 415pm. We bought 2 towels for the Hot Springs in Watson Lake.

We pull into Liard Hot Springs about 645pm. It was still light out, one other car was there. We had tried to keep in contact with Kelley McGrath but we have had no cell service since Tok, AK. It was below 0F out and really felt cold walking through the woods to the Springs. 2 people passed us with a huge TV like video camera ~ they were walking back taking a video of their walk. When we got to the Springs, we had them to ourselves, sweet. The changing room was open to the air and it was TOUGH taking all my winter clothes off to put a bathing suit on. The water was amazing with the Springs in a natural setting other than the deck and change rooms. The pool was mostly volcanic-like rock.

We stayed in about 25 minutes. Coming out was tough but not actually as bad as getting undressed. It was like our core temperature was warmed and kept us warm for a while. Only my feet froze to the ground while getting dressed:)

We then head for Muncho Lake about 40 miles down the road. We pull into Northern Rockies Lodge. It was 845pm. Good thing we pulled in then as they close at 9pm. We got a crazy nice room for $145. Pricy but that is your only option in these parts. The place was packed with huge trucks as I guess there was a construction crew staying there. Internet didn't really work but the place was cool. We got a couple of sub-par sandwiches to go as the kitchen was closing....

We fed the dogs and let them out 1x after that. They did not want to come out as it was pretty cold and they were tired from the long day of travel, just like us. Most of the dogs don't really sleep too well while driving so they are more tired than you would expect on the road.