Day 23: Alaska ~ 24 Hours to LNAC Start

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-16 07:00:16

Thursday, March 7th 2013 24 Hours to LNAC Start

I woke up on the futon couch thing with 2 dogs sleeping next to me. Rose was curled up on the other couch and it was cold in the cabin. Outside it was -20F. Lefty, Rose and Dean were like angles last night, they did not wake me once. I don't even think they moved. They have learned real fast what behaviors are most likely to keep them inside the cabin with us.

Dawn called in the morning to tell me there is a get together at 7pm, that will be at the Elf's Den in North Pole.

Countdown to LNAC start...24 hours. Today is a day off and boy I'm glad. It's been non-stop around here... Being on the road and racing is hard work, that is all I know!

I need to get on the internet somewhere so we head up to North Pole which is about a 15 minute drive North up the Richardson Hwy. Bills need to be paid and we have to find a place to stay Sat, Sun and Monday. First we went to Pagoda Chinese Restaurant in North Pole for lunch and got a HUGE lunch for $12 each. Then we walk over to the North Pole Hotel which hosted a lot of dog folks for the World Championships. I sat in the lobby and got on the internet for a good hour or so. We made a reservation there and Brian walked to the hardware store and got us a big sponge to wet the dogs with before the race tomorrow. It was getting to be late afternoon after all that so we headed back...

Back at the cabin, we have quite a bit to do. We have to leave this great cabin Sat morning as it's booked with another guest. The rest of the day consisted of waxing the sled runners and packing/organizing our stuff.... need to be ready for the next 3 days...

About 530 we were pretty much done with prepping for the race and organizing our crap so I gave the dogs their baited water and we headed for the Elf's Den for a good time:) We met Dawn Brown, Mike McCowan, Kourosh Partow, Amy McClean, Greg Sellentin, the Australians Clint & Mandy Graham and Philip Friedlander, Jacob Witkop, and a couple other folks I didn't quite catch their names. Now that night WAS a good time! Seriously funny. The conversations went in all directions. We ended up closing the place down.... Fun times.