Day 22: Alaska ~ Last Training Run and LNAC Draw at ADMA Track

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-16 06:56:43

Wednesday, March 6th 2013 Last Training Run and LNAC Draw at ADMA Track

Brian did not sleep well last night. Ada was busy last night and it was really hot in the cabin. I slept in the loft and slept like a baby for the first time in 2 nights.

We took our time and I watered the dogs around 1030am. We will go to the ADMA (Alaska Dog Mushers Association) track to train today. Tonight is the LNAC sign-up and draw so I need to figure out what I am running. It is going to be warm this weekend so that is a big consideration.

We left around noon and stopped at Wendy's in North Pole for food. Then off to the ADMA track.

I ran 2 teams, 1 4-Dog and 1 5-Dog. I was thinking about a lot of different things during the runs like which class I should run, which dogs could be loaned out for Skijor and even 4-Dog, etc...

After the runs, I decided I would stick with what was working well and run the 6-Dog, Jeff Brannen will run the Skijor with Jolene and Loretta. Lily Stewart will run Wheels in the 4-Dog. It will be great that all dogs will get to run before our long ride back East.

After training we headed off to find maybe coffee and WIFI but did not have a lot of luck. We went into Fred Myers in Fairbanks, got a coffee and then headed to Cold Spot Feeds to get something else to bait the dogs water with other than the Blue Mix. They had all sorts of stuff like fish meal, egg meal, frozen meats, etc.

I ended up buying 10 lbs of straight beef. We will buy a few cans of herring or sardines to add to it and hopefully everyone will drink the days of the race, which I am a little concerned about. We had brough t about 100 lbs of beef with us from home, but we are down to 15lbs of our beef from home. I thought they would like the Champaine Mix better or at least the same but they don't.

We need to be back at the ADMA track at 630 for the sign-up, the draw and Drivers Meeting for the LNAC.

We get there at 620, let the dogs out 1 more time before heading in. Inside we are one of the 1st people.

The sign-up went on till about 8pm. During that time, they held what seemed to be a general meeting, which was fairly long. Then we did the Drivers meeting, then the Draw. Everyone was worn out by the end. I am #8 out in the 6-Dog. Kourosh and Grace are ahead me and Ami Gjeston is behind me. 2 minute intervals for all classes so the possibility of a pass is remote.

We left after I drew my # about 930pm and headed back to our Cabin... still need to water and care for the dogs, then bed. Lefty, Dean and Rose are the lucky ones tonight and will stay in the cabin with us...