Day 21: Alaska

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-16 06:50:21

Tuesday, March 5th 2013

I slept in today, till 10am! Brian let dogs out early, got water and started doing laundry. I got up and slowly got the dogs baited water ready. We had brought about a hundred lbs of beef but now we are down to 15lbs. Last week I bought some Champaine Blue Race Mix, but the dogs don't like it too much surprisingly. They eat it but they don't like when I use it for making baited water.

After they drank, I gave them a big chunk of the Champaine Blue Race Mix each and they wolfed it down. I need to get some weight on Rose within the next couple of days or else I really don't think I can run her at LNAC. She is too skinny right now. She ate yesterday good and drank/ate good this morn but I wouldn't be surprised if she will refuse her kibble later today as she just isn't a big eater or drinker when it's cold out. Brian just reminded me about this stuff called Zypan I used to use years ago on some dogs that helped digestion and absorption, especially of protein. It worked real well and I should get it again for her.

Brian ?tried? to take Loretta for a walk. She is the worst for walking on leash. She drags him 20 feet, spots a big frozen poop log and promptly grabs it and mows it down while Brian is trying to get it from her. That was the end of her walk! One of the funniest things I've seen for a while:) So many dogs just love frozen poop!

We had a few dogs in this morn, Lefty and Rose came in for a bit. While they were in, Brian opened his suitcase to put away his clean laundry and Rose got in the suitcase and tried to make a bed. The dogs are real characters today, just funny. Rose and Lefty, sisters, have become very good friends on this trip. They box together, get loose together, come in together and usually run next to each other. They have even started to play with each other on this trip, which they never did before at home. Lefty is for sure the boss, but Rose likes her sister anyway and is happy with her subordinate position.

I write a lot of this log this morning, trying to catch up on the days I have not done lately with all the madness going on. I have a lot of days to write and I'm starting to forget the details so I need to get on it.

We leave around 1pm to go to North Pole and grab something to eat. Thai Food it is. We love Thai Food. The restaurant in North Pole is good but pretty expensive. I ordered so much I have leftovers for later. Then we went to the Supermarket and got a few things. Saw some competitors in there and chatted a bit. I got a weird stomach ache in the market and had to find a bathroom, lovely. Alright, let's get out of here and back home.

I was going to train a few of the dogs but I don't feel good right now....

A little later, Jocelyn and Nathalie knock on the door. Nathalie says Nerve in C6 or 7, which means a nerve in the neck that goes into that muscle group that is atrophied. The Suprus Scapularis. I know she mentioned some other muscle groups as well, but that was the primary one. Thanks Nat! You have really helped me out with Ada...

Jolene and Emma were in the cabin with us most of the afternoon into the night. I did not realize but Jolene acts like a mother to Emma. She cleans her eyes, ears and face and Emma acts like a baby allowing Jolene to take care of her. She lays in between Jolene's legs and enjoys herself as Jolene grooms her. I found it very interesting. Emma has been boxed with Jolene since Jo came into heat a few weeks back, I guess they have formed this bond during this time.

AT 830pm, Jolene and Emma went back out in the truck and we gave everyone else clear water. Everyone is thirsty, as they usually are a few hours after eating. Now it's Ada's turn to come in... she'll stay in for the night since she's got the bad shoulder...

I stayed up writing this log till about 1130pm, then went up into the loft, which was really warm from the wood stove, ate a frozen yogurt and went to bed.